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Russell Plumbing & Home Services is proud to announce that we may be doing more work with PlugIn Stations Online. We will be doing the excavation for the installation of electrical conduit. This conduit will allow for the connection of a plug-in station for electric cars which will be free to use by the public. We are very excited to play a role in implementing newer, greener technology!

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Don't fall victim to the spring snow melt and rainy season!

With the winter we have had so far this year, it's a safe bet spring will be a wet one!  Don't let a poor condition sump pump and storm sewer system reek havoc in your basement.  Contact us today and we will do a complete basement drainage inspection and assessment.  With services such as; sewer cleanings, video sewer inspections, water powered back-up sump pumps with built in alarms or lateral replacements, we will make sure that your basement stays clean and dry this year.

Water Service Installations

Attention Bergen, Riga & Holley Water Districts!

Contact us today and we will be the last call you need to make to transition from well water to public water.  We take care of 100% of the job from the line installation to connection inside your house, well abandonment & even contacting the water authority to set the water meter!