Water Service Installations & Repairs

Water Service Installations & Repairs

Russell Plumbing & Home Services has had the necessary experience at countless water service installations and repairs to guarantee your 100% satisfaction.  We have installed water service lines as small as 3/4″ plastic for basic home use all the way up to 4″ ductile iron for commercial buildings.  We maintain a great working relationship with the water authorities in all our surrounding towns to help insure a worry free experience for you.

What to expect during water district extension projects.

The Process:
The transition from your well to public water can be discouraging at times, however, it doesn’t need to be. With the right contractor, it won’t be. The process begins with the installation of the water main on one side of the road. If the main isn’t on your side of the road, don’t worry, a curb box (shut-off) is drilled under the road from your property to the main where it is connected to the water main. Once this has been completed and water sample tests have passed, you are now eligible to connect to the public water system. At this point you should contact a contractor that you trust to get an estimate for the installation of your water service. Once you have decided on a contractor, the contractor will install either a plastic or copper water service line. If they use plastic, make sure they provide a tracer wire along with it; this is required by the water authority. It is also a good idea to upsize the suggested service line depending on the length of run. A meter pit may also be required. Once the line has been installed and inspected, the final connections are made. The connections typically consist of installing the water meter provided by the water authority, installing a pressure reducing valve and connecting the water service line to your existing plumbing in your house. If you have water softening units and wish to disconnect them, this is also done during the final connection as well. Once the water has been connected, the well has to be abandoned. This is completed by excavating and cutting the well casing, removing the well pump and capping the well casing. Once this has been done and inspected, you are officially connected to public water.


Traditional excavation with other contractors VS. Trenchless directional boring with Russell Plumbing:
Russell Plumbing is one of the few local contractors that can provide you with the installation of a water service with minimal impact to your yard. This is done by excavating a hole 4′ wide, 7′ long and 5′ deep. We then proceed to bore from the road to a specific spot in the basement at 100′ intervals. Once we have reached the basement, we attach the water service to the bore rods and pull it back towards the road to connect to the curb box. This method provides you with a better water service installation in that it minimizes the chances of your service being damaged during backfill, it greatly minimizes the impact on your yard that traditional excavation would cause, it doesn’t required you to hire another contractor to fix your yard, and most importantly, it isn’t any more expensive than traditional excavation.