Water Heaters

New Water Heater Regulations

As of April 16, 2015, water heater manufacturers will have to adhere to new NAECA (National Appliance Energy Conservation Act) regulations. Depending on your current situation, simply changing out an old water heater might not be as simple as it once was. Click here for more information on the new regulations and to learn what they might mean for you.

Tankless Water Heaters

With the latest in technology being applied to conventional plumbing, the every day shower has just become more….exciting.  Whether it’s a house full of people fighting over who gets in the shower first to avoid running out of hot water in the morning, or a family of two just looking to enjoy time in a hot shower without feeling like they are being rushed.  A tankless water heater is a great way to update your home while still going green!

With the cost of energy continuously rising, tankless water heaters are a great way to save money. Conventional water heaters continue to heat water even when you aren’t using any. On demand water heaters heat your water as soon as you need it at only a fraction of the energy consumption over the life of the heater.  Russell Plumbing & Home Services can review your hot water needs and installation requirements to see if an on demand water heater is right for you.

Conventional Water Heaters

There are many different ways of providing your home with hot water.

A leaking water heater can cause a lot of damage if your basement is finished. With Russell Plumbing & Home Services, a new water heater is just a phone call away. Ask us about how we can provide you with water damage protection to avoid flooding of your basement in the future from a failed water heater.