Sanitary & Storm Sewers

If you have ever had problems with your sewers in the past, then you know the headache it can cause. In the past sewers were typically constructed of cast iron piping or clay tiles. Over the years some major flaws have become apparent with both designs.

Cast iron tends to fail mainly because of two reasons.  Build-up over the years adheres to the inside of the pipe reducing it to a slow drain or even a complete plug.  The other reason cast iron fails is because it has a relatively short life span when it’s buried.  The iron in the pipe rusts away making the pipe more and more brittle each year until it eventually breaks or collapses.

While clay tile piping is much more resilient than cast iron, it too has its down-side. Clay tiles are two-foot pieces of rigid clay pipe that are joined together with concrete. With time, the concrete breaks down which allows tree roots seeking moisture to enter into the pipe. Once roots are inside the pipe, they continue to grow.  Roots can grow to more than one inch in diameter and twenty feet in length!

The installation of new PVC drains will take care of all of these problems. PVC drains won’t break down over time and the connections are water tight.  Because of this, you no longer have to worry about roots ever getting into your drain pipes again. In addition, PVC has a much smoother wall inside of the pipe, which eliminates any chances of build-up.

Rest assured that whatever drain problem you have, Russell Plumbing & Home Services can handle it.