Excavation Services


Russell Plumbing & Home Services is more than capable of taking on any job that requires excavating.  With our on-site excavating equipment and dump truck, no job is too big or small!

Whether it’s tree removal, regrading, egress window installation or an addition to your house – Our experience in excavating will insure that not only will the job be done right, but we might also be able to provide some insight on some aspects that you might not have thought of.

Directional Boring


Traditional excavation with other contractors VS. Trenchless directional boring with Russell Plumbing & Home Services:
Russell Plumbing is one of the few local contractors that can provide you with the installation of a utility with minimal impact to your yard. This is done by excavating a hole 4′ wide, 7′ long and 5′ deep and placing a push box in the hole. We then proceed to bore from the road to a specific spot in the basement at 100′ intervals. Once we have reached the basement, we attach the utility to the bore rods and pull it back towards the road. This method provides you with a better utlity installation in that it minimizes the chances of your service being damaged during backfill, it greatly minimizes the impact on your yard that traditional excavation would cause, it doesn’t required you to hire another contractor to fix your yard, and most importantly, it isn’t any more expensive than traditional excavation.

Digging Safely in New York with DigSafe NY!!

Russell Plumbing & Home Services works hand in hand with 811 & DigSafe NY to insure proper jobsite safety for us, for you and for your home.  You should know that if a contractor fails follow through with calling 811 prior to excavating, hitting and damaging a buried utility may have disastrous results.