Inspection Reports

How To View Your Inspection Report:

To view your inspection report, scroll down and find the post that contains your Work Order Number and/or Invoice Number. Your Inspection Report may contain multiple videos. If so, they will have an additional number appended to the end of the Work Order Number or Invoice Number.

You may also do a search for your Inspection Report with the Work Order Number and/or Invoice Number.

If you have misplaced your Work Order Number or Invoice Number, please contact us and we will send you the information.


The distance displayed in the lower corner of the this video is not accurate. The actual problem is located at 44′.

2013-2112 Video 1

2013-2112 Video 2

2013-2112 Video 3

2013-2012 Video 1

2013-1992 Video 1

1012556 Video 1

1012556 Video 2


101290 Video 1

101290 Video 2

101298 Video 1

101298 Video 2

101295 Video 1

101295 Video 2

Work Order #101484

Work Order #101495