Happy Thomas Crapper Day!

Thomas_CrapperThomas Crapper

January 27 is Thomas Crapper day! Who is Thomas crapper? Contrary to popular belief Thomas crapper was not the inventor of the toilet, John Harrington was. Thomas crapper was the one that made the flushable toilet popular with “Thomas Crapper & Co Ltd”.

Crapper held nine patents, three of them for water closet improvements such as the floating ballcock, but none was for the flush toilet itself. Thomas Crapper’s advertisements implied the siphonic flush was his invention; one having the text “Crapper’s Valveless Water Waste Preventer (Patent #4,990) One movable part only”, but patent 4990 (for a minor improvement to the water waste preventer) was not his, but that of Albert Giblin in 1898. Crapper’s nephew, George, did improve the siphon mechanism by which the water flow is started. A patent for this development was awarded in 1897.

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