Get ready for winter!

We’ve had an extremely mild winter so far this year to say the least. Don’t let this weather cause you to become complacent with the things that should still be done around the house. By paying attention to these few things you can save some money in costly repairs in the future.

  1. Remember to disconnect your hoses from all outside faucets. By doing so you allow the water that would otherwise be trapped in the faucet to drain away and thus not freeze and burst the faucet. This applies to both ‘frost-free’ and ‘silcock’ style faucets.
  2. Turn off all outside faucets from the basement. Unless you have frost-free faucets, it is a great idea to shut the water supply to the faucets off to prevent freezing this winter. If you are unsure of the type of faucets you have then give us a call and well will gladly conduct a walk through with you in insure you are ready for winter.
  3. Be sure your downspouts are connected and working properly. If rain water & snow melt doesn’t drain away properly, the freezing and expanding can cause cracks in the wall. Sometimes this can be solved by simply having us run a sewer snake down the line and clean it out.
  4. Turn off some things if you are going away. If you are planning a trip somewhere this year it is a great idea to turn the water off to the entire house and the setting the thermostat on the water heater to “vacation” or “pilot”. By doing this you are protecting your home from a flood in case a water line breaks while you are away. You can also avoid added costs of heating water while you’re away and not using it.
  5. Check your sump pump & have a back-up system in place. A sump pump is an extremely valuable item in your house. Without some means of drainage, the big hole in the ground that is your basement would surely fill up with water. Be sure you don’t get caught with a bad sump pump and a flooded basement. There are many other options available for a back-up system as well in case your primary pumps fails or you experience a power outage.





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