Flooded Foundation Walls

Here is a quick little video that shows the water that can accumulated within basement walls.

In order to address wet basement issues, you must first understand how a house is built and how ground water works. First, ground water will always follow the path of least resistance. Second, anytime you disturb the ground, that ground becomes softer than the surrounding undisturbed ground. Third, cinder blocks contain voids in them.

When a house is built we start by excavating a big hole in the ground that will soon make up your basement footing and foundation walls. The hole that is dug is typically a few feet larger in diameter than the basement footprint will be. This is done to allow the masons room to build the basement walls. This added diameter is referred to as the “overdig”. After the basement walls are completed, the overdig is back filled with dirt and the rest of the house is built. However, this overdig is now softer than the surrounding areas as a result of the excavation and thus becomes a major potential for water accumulation. Weather it’s from plugged gutters and downspouts, failed storm sewer conductor lines or improper grading; any water that that gets into this overdig will most likely be trapped there between the foundation wall and the harder undisturbed ground. This results is saturated block walls. As more and more water accumulates over time, the voids within the block walls start to fill with water which could ultimately result in serious foundation problems.

In newer homes, some additional exterior drainage is installed to eliminate this potential. However, older homes only have this type of drainage inside the basement which can only work once the ground water has made it’s way into your home.

There are many different products and services out there that can help resolve this. Knowing which ones to use and how to apply them is the key to insuring the job is done properly. We would be more than happy to schedule a consultation with you and review your situation. We are confident that we can tailor a solution that will fit your specific needs.

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